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What you need to know about our product certifications

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APL® GO products are backed by all necessary certificates and declarations of conformity. Our Acumullit SA ® series complies with all European certificates of conformity since it is produced in Europe. Additionally, our manufacturer is compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications.
Let’s take a closer look at
our certifications
All of our certifications are publicly available and can be downloaded in our Google Drive.
Moldova Certificate of Conformity
Compliance documentation from the country of manufacture. This document guarantees the safety and quality of the products and confirms they can be safely transported anywhere within the Americas, Europe,
Asia and Australia.
EAC declaration of conformity
The EAC declaration of conformity is an obligatory document certifying that the manufacturer supplies products in compliance with regulatory requirements applicable within the Eurasian Economical Union. This declaration of conformity has full force and effect, as well as a compliance certificate, and is applicable within the whole territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.
All APL® GO products have such certificates, and you can find them on our website.
ISO Certificates

ISO Certificates provide proof of our product’s superior quality—which is the main priority of the company. We are focused on satisfying the needs of our customers and always improving our manufacturing and marketing strategies. That’s what makes us modern and trustworthy.

The ISO 9001 certificate confirms our high standards of management and ensures the highest levels of quality in our products to our customers.

The ISO 22000 certificate confirms the company is providing the highest degree of safety and quality in the entire manufacturing process according to the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

The quality and safety management systems applied at our manufacturing facility are certified by an independent European certification authority called TUV Austria Group.

Acumullit SA ® products have a TUV-registered mark, which means, “This product has been produced at a facility applying quality and safety management systems in food production”.

KOSHER certificate
KOSHER certificate

KOSHER certificate confirms that our Acumullit SA ® drops are fully compliant with strict kosher regulations. The Israeli rabbinate and London Betoh Din Kashrut Division (KLBD) have assigned Acumullit SA ® products the highest kosher

Our products are certified by KLBD with the annual right to use the Kosher logo.


HALAL certificate
HALAL certificate

Halal certificate confirms that our product was manufactured according to Islamic guidelines and doesn't contain any adverse components.
Halal is an Islamic dietary standard: safe, simple, healthy without any unnatural preservatives.

This certificate recognizes products that are permissible according to the strict safety and purity requirements of the Halal Certification process.


Eurasian Conformity

means that the products bearing this symbol have passed the technical evaluation requirements stipulated
in the Customs Union. The Eurasian Conformity symbol can only be used if the product has obtained this certification. The declaration is obtained by the manufacturer and registered by the certification authority.
It is recognized as a standard document whose validity applies throughout all countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Download certificates
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